BYOD is an opportunity for mobile app developers

How BYOD is changing the enterprise landscape for mobile app developers

We’ve all experienced the blurring of our work and personal lives thanks to technology. It began with hefty work laptops and the company Blackberry. But those days are long gone. Most companies today have BOYD – Bring Your Own Device – policies, where staff use their own laptops, smartphones or tablets for work purposes. According to […]

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Seniors are increasingly using mobile apps

Walgreens and beyond: designing mobile apps for older users

When we talk mobile apps, the terms “millennials” and “digital natives” are often thrown around. But that leaves out a whole swathe of users: including 55+ crowd that Walgreens is currently courting. Unusually, more than 20% of the pharmacy’s user-base is over 55, and a whopping 37% of those using features like its Pill Reminder […]

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Mobile app market growth

The mobile app market is exploding – and it’s going beyond the smartphone

The mobile app market is exploding, and it’s only going to get bigger, according to new research from App Annie. Worth a staggering $1.3 trillion in 2016, the global app economy will reach $6.1 trillion in 2021. That’s growth of 37% each year. So what’s behind this growth? It’s not that people are downloading more apps. […]

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mobile news apps

Trends in mobile apps: news apps are making a comeback

We’ve all heard the rhetoric about the death of journalism. But we’re actually consuming more news than ever – and not just through video or social media. A study from Pew Research showed that young people in particular prefer to read, rather than watch, their news. And when it comes to news around national issues, they’re […]

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App store spring cleaning

Mobile app news: Apple embarks on serious App Store spring cleaning

If the App Store is looking a little leaner these days, there’s a reason. With iOS 11 and the revamped App Store just about to launch, Apple has begun some serious mobile app spring cleaning efforts. The target: the thousands of cloned or spammy apps gumming up the App Store’s shelves. One-click apps are out […]

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How to write App Store descriptions that work

How mobile app developers can create App Store descriptions that stand out from the rest

Mobile app developers know that App Store discoverability is a tough problem. Building a great product is one thing, but making sure that people find it is another altogether. The way you present your mobile app on the App Store is crucial to converting users. After all, it’s generally where your first impression is made […]

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App review prompts are now way less intrusive.

What mobile app developers need to know about Apple’s app review updates

Mobile app developers know that app reviews can make or break an app. That’s why a collective cheer went up when Apple finally made it possible to respond to user reviews. The change allows developers to respond to comments with helpful feedback. They can correct misleading or misinformed reviews, and address problems or questions. Users are notified […]

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Content creators and developers can now benefit from in-app tipping

Finally, mobile app developers can get paid in tips. Yes, really.

Mobile app developers take note: tipping just got taxed under the new App Store Review Policy. While standard in-app purchases attract a 30% tax from Apple, tipping has until now skirted this tax. Now, content creators will have to split their tipped earnings with Apple under its standard 30-70 revenue share agreement. The new arrangement was […]

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COPPA compliance is a must for kids' mobile apps.

How mobile apps that aren’t COPPA compliant could bankrupt you

In the US, mobile apps geared at kids under 13 need to comply with COPPA, or the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Enacted in 2000, the law protects children’s privacy within digital spaces. It also gives parents control over what information websites and apps can obtain from children. When do mobile apps need to worry about […]

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Trends in mobile app fraud

Why mobile app fraud is freaking out users and advertisers

Mobile app fraud is out and proud. If you’re monetizing your app through ads, then it’s time to cross your fingers that the ecosystem behaves. Because with fraud on the rise, there’s always the risk that advertisers will pull the plug – destroying your revenue. And if you’re behind a fraudulent mobile app? Well, removal […]

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