Ride-hailing mobile app Uber has been pulled from London.

Is your mobile app at risk of being shut down by local government?

London has pulled the license of ride-hailing mobile app Uber. In the shutdown, city officials argued that the company lacked corporate responsibility around public safety. Uber has long tried to get around these sorts of complaints by pitching itself as just a tech “platform” for connecting drivers and riders. But the incredible rise of Uber […]

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Mobile app designers and the new iPhone X

The iPhone X turns things up a notch for mobile app designers

It’s an exciting time for mobile app designers. Apple has just announced the latest in the iPhone family: the iPhone X. With edge-to-edge screen display, the X is about as minimalist as it gets. Gone are the white bands at the top and bottom of the screen. Gone is the home button. All that remains […]

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Adding gestures to your mobile app

How to design mobile app gestures users won’t swipe left on

Gestures are a fundamental part of the mobile app experience. And there are plenty of reasons why. Gestures are more intuitive than mouse-based “point and clicking”. They free up space on the screen and are simple to learn and use. So with the move towards flat, uncluttered design we’ve seen a huge uptick in the […]

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Avoid these mobile app UX pitfalls.

Is your mobile app guilty of these easily avoided UX pitfalls?

No mobile app is perfect. But some are definitely less perfect than others. With the right UX knowledge, you can ensure that your mobile app falls on the right end of the “perfection” spectrum. Let’s take a look at some of the design pitfalls that can easily be avoided. Let’s take hamburgers off the menu […]

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Are mobile delivery apps delivering what they promise?

An all-you-can-deliver foodie buffet: why restaurants are gorging on mobile apps

A wealth of third-party foodie mobile apps have popped up in recent years. These apps run the gamut of ordering, payment and delivery services – and plenty more in between. It’s a lucrative sector, and apps in the space are fighting each other for supremacy. Not to mention cannibalizing each other. Yelp’s Eat24 just got […]

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Mobile app trends in healthcare.

What’s app, Doc? Mobile app trends in healthcare

Will doctors be replaced by a mobile app? Probably not. But apps in the healthcare space are complementing our health and wellness needs. Medicine has embraced a patient-centric approach. This means more personalized medicine, and more patient empowerment. And with patients also taking charge of their own healthcare routines, it also means the rise of healthcare […]

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Why mobile app development loves offline functionality.

Why offline apps are the hottest thing in mobile app development

The latest trend in mobile app development is all about rethinking internet connectivity. For years apps have been getting more connected and more media-rich. Every task requires internet access. And increasingly, high-speed internet access. But constant connectivity isn’t always possible. Travelers might not have access to their usual data plans. Commuters know their signal will […]

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How to win back mobile app users.

Zombie alert: How to revive mobile app users from the dead

Chances are that among your mobile app user base are a few users that have given up the ghost. They’ve stopped using your app. Maybe they’ve forgotten about it. Maybe they’ve even deleted it. It’s easy to write an inactive user off, but don’t come to terms with the loss just yet. Because with a […]

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Mobile app developers and personalization.

How mobile app developers can get personal with their apps

Mobile app developers know that one-size-fits-all doesn’t build engagement. Customization, personalization and tailored experiences are what’s needed to get your users loving what you do. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can integrate personalization into your UX. Make onboarding all about them Personalization during onboarding is a great way to welcome […]

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Subscriptions are funding mobile app development.

Are subscriptions the new bread and butter of mobile app development?

Anyone involved in mobile app development has had to think about how to price an app. Free apps supported by ads and in-app purchases, have long been popular. One-off download fees are another payment method. But increasingly, the shift has been towards subscriptions. Writing app Ulysses goes all in on subscriptions Popular writing app Ulysses […]

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