Mobile app marketing can make your app a winner.

Getting the word out: mobile app marketing

There’s a mobile app for everything these days. Between Google Play and the App Store there are about 5 million apps for users to choose from. That’s great for consumers, but not so much for app creators. So how do you spread the word about your new app? Here’s a quick primer on mobile app […]

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Mobile app developers should play close attention to sound.

Make some noise: sound design and mobile app developers

Mobile app developers love crafting well-rounded apps. Ones that feel, look and respond the way we expect. But how about sound? Sound effects are a crucial part of great app design. They offer feedback on our actions and help alert us to notifications. They create a special aesthetic world for our app. And yet all […]

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How mobile app developers price mobile apps for serious success

One of the challenges mobile app developers face is how much to charge for a mobile app. Consumers are price conscious, and there’s a lot of competition out there. Charging too much can turn away prospective users. Charging too little can affect your profitability. Let’s take a look at how to find that sweet spot […]

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Life’s good at the top: getting your mobile app to rank #1 in the App Store

You’ve invested in a great mobile app. Now you’re ready to push it live and watch the downloads climb. But what if they don’t? Don’t worry. While not every app can be #1 on the App Store, there are definitely ways to ensure your app gets as close as possible. Let’s take a look at […]

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Mobile app insight: how shopping apps are changing how we shop

Reports of the death of the bricks-and-mortar store may be exaggerated, but things are definitely changing. Our shopping habits have shifted dramatically over the past few years. We’ve seen the rise of e-commerce, the rise of m-commerce, and finally the rise of the m-commerce mobile app. Shopping apps, as it turns out, are big business. […]

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Citizen mobile app development.

Are “citizen developers” the new vanguard in mobile app development?

Mobile app development has long been a skill requiring specialized knowledge and know-how. But the rise in rapid app development platforms has made it possible for non-programmers to help spin up an app with the bare minimum of coding ability. And employers are making the most of it. So what’s the deal? What’s driving citizen […]

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New Google bounty program pays app developers to squash bugs

App security is paramount for app developers. Today’s apps handle huge amounts of personal information, including users’ locations, habits and even financial details. With major security threats like the recent Equifax breach making the news, we need to be paying even more attention to security. Google agrees. In fact it’s just launched a “bug bounty” […]

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Reality just got better: ARKit mobile apps hit the App Store

Apple’s recently launched ARKit is making digitally imposed waves across mobile apps. The much-hyped augmented reality tool has now been installed 3 million times for use across a spate of ARKit-powered games and apps. Unsurprisingly, a look at App Store stats shows that games are leaders in AR. That’s both in terms of what’s being […]

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Reality bytes: AR best practices for mobile apps

Augmented reality (AR) is hot stuff for technologists. But while much AR requires devices like headsets or projectors, we’re increasingly seeing it as part of our favorite mobile apps on our mobile devices. Take ModiFace, an AR experience that maps cosmetics on to the face of users. It’s currently in use by some 84 brands, […]

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Mobile apps for the Apple Watch are about more than telling time.

Watch yourself: designing a mobile app for the Apple Watch

Twitter’s Apple Watch app has disappeared, and it isn’t the first mobile app to do so. Google Maps, Amazon and eBay have all stepped away from Apple Watch. Does this mean that the Apple Watch app space is doomed? Far from it. But it does show that that the wearable ecosphere has different requirements to […]

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