Post-app support is what your mobile app needs to fly.

Post-app support is what your mobile app needs to fly

You’ve built and launched your mobile app. Now all you need to do is sit back and watch the downloads climb. Right? Not so fast. Apps are a bit like cars: they need regular maintenance and upkeep to make sure that they’re still safe to be on the road. Especially when the “roads” of the […]

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How DFW mobile app developers can build for retention

How mobile app developers can build for retention

Mobile app developers are all too aware that if you build it, they may come…but they might not stick around. While acquisition stats might keep marketers happy, the real story is in the retention stats. On average, 24% of users use an app once before abandoning it. That means basically a quarter of all app […]

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How mobile app security can build trust

For mobile app developers, building trust means building security

Mobile app developers have been watching the Cambridge Analytica fiasco unfold with raised eyebrows. Again and again we’ve heard that privacy and security are key features for mobile app users. If we want to build trust, we need to build up our security. A study from Gemalto shows that 80% of paid app users consider […]

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Summer Math Start iOS app, built by Touchtap.

Touchtap iOS app launch: Summer Math Star App

Who doesn’t love summer break? Math teachers. Of all subjects, math suffers most from summer learning loss. On average students lose 2.6 months of math skills over the summer break. This requires 6 weeks of catch-up when school resumes. But just 10 minutes a day improves retention of math skills by 66%. Introducing the Summer […]

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Could your mobile app do with a UX copy boost?

Copy that! Mobile app developers, are you using your words?

When crafting your mobile app UX – and UI – be sure to spare some time for your in-app copy. Sure, snazzy design and intuitive navigation does a lot of the heavy lifting on your app. But your copy’s is a powerful complement to these elements. And it’s one you can’t afford to overlook. Let’s […]

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Dark mode and mobile apps

Welcome to the dark side: Dark Mode and mobile apps

Gazing at the bright white light of mobile apps isn’t exactly zen. In fact, it may even lead to retinal damage, the largest cause of central blindness. Ultra-bright LEDs emit light with short wavelengths – a type of visible radiation that can damage eyes. The degree of damage can vary depending on closeness, duration and […]

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Can your mobile app beat pen and paper?

Can your mobile app compete with pen and paper?

There are probably a bunch of things you love about your favorite mobile app. But one of them is bound to be that it’s easier than performing a given task with pen and paper. The “pen and paper” test is about the most basic test an app needs to pass to be of value. Sounds […]

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Mobile apps need to be proactive about privacy.

Mobile apps and the privacy perfect storm

Historically users have deleted mobile apps for things like battery drain, bugs or lacking UX. But increasingly privacy is on app users’ minds. And with good reason. The news has been full of stories about compromised data, digital surveillance and eerie tech company overreach. Why mobile apps are giving us the privacy heebies Take social […]

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Chatbots are the new face of customer service.

The chatbots are coming, and they’re pretending to be you.

Chatbots make it possible for businesses to deliver 24/7 customer support without paying overtime. Driven by AI, they respond to customer service tickets and requests in real-time. They’re able to handle basic (but increasingly complex) tasks, performing a sort of triage that means that only the tougher stuff gets passed up to humans. It’s good […]

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Mapping social media apps in the US.

Mapping the most popular social media apps in the USA

Most mobile users regularly use only a handful of apps. Chances are, at least one of these is a social media app. After all, US users spend a solid 51% of their five hours of app time on social media and messaging apps. But social media app usage varies with geography, according to recent research […]

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