How to build a Texas mobile app startup that will go the distance.

How to build a Texas mobile app startup that will go the distance

We’ve all read those “it was great while it lasted” posts from startups that didn’t quite make it. Perhaps they launched but couldn’t turn a profit, or didn’t even get to launch stage. Either way, everyone loses – the company, the investors and the customers. Don’t put yourself in that position. Here’s how to build […]

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ICOs and Texas startups.

Texas startups and ICOs: what’s the deal?

Most commonly Texas startups fund their growth through bootstrapping or venture capital investment (or a profitable product!). But with the ever-increasing interest in cryptocurrency we’ve been seeing more startups turning to ICOs (initial coin offerings) as a way to shore up their finances. So what exactly is an ICO, and why would Texas startups consider […]

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Validate your mobile app startup idea

How to validate your mobile app startup idea

So you have a brilliant mobile app startup idea you can’t wait to build. But whether you actually should depends on whether you can validate your idea. What do we mean by that? Basically, it’s whether your intended audience needs your app – and will pay to use it. If they won’t, your app won’t […]

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Financial tips for your mobile app startup in texas

Show me the money: money tips for your mobile app startup

So you’re an entrepreneur thinking about launching a mobile app startup in Texas. Good job! We’ve spoken before about how Texas is the place to be for both startups and enterprise, so you’re on to a winner. However, before you set up shop or commission your mobile app, take some time to consider the financial […]

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7 reasons to launch a startup in Dallas, Texas.

7 reasons to launch a startup in Dallas, Texas

Considering launching a startup in Dallas, Texas? Good thinking. When it comes to startups, Silicon Valley gets most of the love (and media coverage). But Texas is boomtown for startups of all types. Houston, Austin and our hometown of Dallas are all well-known for being tech-forward and business friendly. And that’s only increasing. 1 DFW […]

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Why most mobile app startups fail

Most mobile app startups fail. Don’t let yours be one of them.

Mobile app startups are highly represented among the booming startup scene. But for every 10x “unicorn”, there are thousands of startups that don’t make the grade. Of these, some grow but fail to become profitable. Others struggle with growth and demand. And plenty more fail to even get off the ground. Here are the main […]

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Capturing feedback for your mobile app

Gathering and implementing feedback is essential to the ongoing success of your mobile app. We’ve spoken before about conducting user research and testing. But what about once your mobile app is out there in the wild? There are a number of ways you can capture user feedback that you can use to guide future releases […]

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Recruit well to knock your mobile app user research out of the park

Every mobile app has something in common: they’re made for people. You wouldn’t build a house without thinking about how people live. So don’t build a mobile app without thinking about how people will use it. Mobile apps don’t begin with coding. They begin with research, and lots of it. One crucial component is user […]

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Designing voice user interfaces for your mobile app

The growth of virtual assistants and smart speakers has ushered in a new era of voice-controlled devices. Just as graphical interfaces require a certain UX/UI design language, so does voice input. Voice user interfaces (VUI) requires an understanding of natural language as well as context. Mobile app users expect to be able to provide an […]

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How often should you update your mobile app?

Your mobile app is built and launched. But you can’t just set it and forget it. Just like a car, your mobile app needs regular maintenance and updates. A regularly maintained app is robust and stable. Plus new features are a great way to draw new users while encouraging existing users to keep coming back. […]

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