Snapchat sets mobile app users fuming

Oh snap! When mobile app redesigns set users fuming

Mobile app Snapchat recently launched a new, easier-to-use redesign. But feedback wasn’t exactly positive. The new redesign separates the app into two sections: friends content to the left and media content to the right. Users weren’t impressed. The new update makes it difficult to navigate the app, they claim. Plus media content seems to be […]

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Progressive web apps span all platforms and devices.

Will progressive web apps level the playing field for Apple, Google and Microsoft?

Progressive web apps (PWAs) aren’t new, but they’re gathering new traction. In the past year Google, Microsoft and Apple have all been looking to PWAs as a way to create fast, seamless and ready-to-go experiences across all platforms and devices. So what exactly are progressive web apps? Progressive web apps are web pages or websites […]

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App developers consider the difference between UI and UX

Great app developers know the difference between UI and UX. Do you?

App developers are all about great design. Because great design means a great experience. So much so that it’s sometimes hard to figure out where design ends and experience starts. Nowhere is the confusion more real than between UX and UI. Each informs the other, sure. But they’re not the same thing. UX is how […]

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Minimize cart abandonment on your mobile app.

Mobile app design: devising the perfect checkout page

Let’s not understate the importance of the checkout page on your mobile app. To get here you’ve successfully onboarded a user. You’ve convinced them that your product is worth buying. You’ve got a fan – a paying customer! So don’t throw it away with a less-than-stellar checkout page. Cart abandonment rates hover at about 70%, […]

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WeChat's mini apps are changing the mobile app world.

Are Tencent and WeChat reshaping the mobile app landscape?

Chinese mobile app behemoth Tencent has ruffled a few feathers of the Apple and Google kind. Last year it was effectively censured for its WeChat in-app “tipping” economy. The approach bypassed Apple’s 30% cut – which Apple tried to claw back. They’ve just now reached a resolution. But it’s not just tips that are raising […]

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A plus for mobile app developers: a revamped App Store web experience.

Mobile app developers rejoice: Apple (finally) revamps the App Store web interface

Mobile app developers breathed a sigh of relief in September of 2017. Why? That’s when Apple launched its overhaul of the App Store. The iOS 11-flavored revamp was designed to cut through the clutter while delivering a clean, colorful experience. Think Apple Music and Apple News, not just an unwieldy list of app icons. Material […]

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Mobile app trends for 2018

Appy New Year! Mobile app trends for 2018

The mobile app reigns supreme in all areas of our lives. Fitness, banking, travel and social: there’s an app for that. But as apps become more integrated into our day, our expectations of them continue to grow. We seek sleeker, cleaner, frictionless experiences – and won’t settle for less. Let’s take a look at how […]

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Are your mobile apps respecting your privacy?

Spy hard: setting boundaries with mobile apps

Mobile apps have infiltrated every part of our lives. For the most part, consumers are fine with that. Convenience trumps privacy. Enabling geotracking lets you add filters to your Snaps. Allowing photo library access lets you post pre-existing photos to Instagram. Saying yes to sharing to accounts, contacts and microphones comes with handy perks. But […]

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Here are our mobile app resolutions for 2018.

We’ll tap to that: mobile app development resolutions for 2018

The year’s almost at a close, which means that you’re probably dreaming up some resolutions for 2018. Whether you’re a mobile app designer, developer or marketer, here are a few you to start your year off in style. Resolve to make your mobile app easy to find Discoverability doesn’t end with the App Store. If […]

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Apple has plans to unify its mobile apps across devices.

One app to rule them all: Apple plans for cross-platform mobile apps

As developers of mobile apps, we’ve grown used to the necessary evil of crafting separate apps for iPhones, iPads and iMacs. But news from Apple HQ suggests all that is set to change. Beginning as early as fall 2018, a single app will be able to serve all Apple devices. That’s great news for dev […]

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