Rewarded video can be used by mobile app developers to drive revenue.

Mobile app developers say hi to rewarded video and bye to banner ads

Mobile app developers are often asked the best way to monetize an app. For free apps, ads are often the way to go. Mobile video ads, and especially rewarded video, are a great way to drive conversions and get ad revenue. What’s rewarded video? It’s a video users watch in return for bonus content or digital currency […]

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Mobile app shopping is on the rise.

These trends in mobile app spending may surprise you

Mobile app impulse purchasing is on the rise. In 2016, the average user spent $40 on mobile apps and in-app purchases – up from $35 the previous year. That number might not seem like a huge amount, but it was enough to propel App Store sales well above the billion dollar mark. So who’s doing […]

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Mobile app developer tip: avoid battery drain

Is your mobile app developer a serial battery killer?

Energy efficiency doesn’t just apply to automotive and appliance manufacturers. Part of being a good mobile app developer is building apps that don’t demand too much of your phone’s resources – and battery life. A quick look at your phone’s battery settings will show you which mobile apps are the most energy demanding. Location tracking, notifications and image-heavy apps […]

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How gamification can drive engagement for mobile apps

Gamification, or how to build mobile apps users can’t put down

Humans are competitive and reward-driven by nature. Give us a leaderboard, a goal to reach or the possibility of a prize, and we’re there. No wonder gamification drives engagement across mobile apps. If you’re not familiar with gamification, it’s basically taking elements of game playing and putting them into an app. The result is an app […]

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Mobile developers on Geolocation: why are my apps stalking me?

Ask the mobile developers: Why are my mobile apps stalking me?

As mobile developers we watched with interest as Uber made news for tracking users even after they’d deleted its app. While a deleted app can no longer track users’ whereabouts, a process called “tagging” lets developers see the apps on a phone and the most recent wifi network it has connected to. Uber got a slap […]

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What makes a great mobile app solutions provider?

Touchtap is a top 10 fastest-growing mobile app solution provider

Leading business solutions magazine Insights Success has highlighted the 10 fastest-growing mobile app solution provider companies, with Touchtap high on the list. The feature includes an in-depth interview with Touchtap founder Noah Labhart and touches on what sets Touchtap apart in the highly competitive mobile app development environment. So what’s driving growth for mobile app solution […]

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User testing makes app developers happy

How app developers can make user testing a dream

App developers know that testing is a key condition for creating a great app. We’re not just talking technical testing here. We’re also talking about user testing. User testing basically puts your app in front of the people who will be the ones using – getting their feedback and thoughts on how things work…or don’t. […]

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Crash report: mobile app developers speak out on 4 issues that crash apps

As mobile app developers we know that app users have high expectations of their apps. Slow-loading apps or apps that take more than a second to respond to user input are on the fast-track to being uninstalled. An app that freezes or crashes won’t get a second chance: more than half of all users will […]

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Why AR means whole new worlds for app development

Augmented reality (AR) is the little brother of virtual reality (VR). And it’s popping up more and more in app development. If you’re not familiar with it, augmented reality gives reality a boost by overlaying digital information and media across a visual plane in real time. It uses the camera on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or […]

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Color is key in mobile app development

Colors speak louder than words in mobile app development

There’s more to mobile app development than functionality. The way an app looks can take a look from mid-tier to top of the App Store. Not only that, but apps that take the time to get design right are way more likely to meet accessibility guidelines. According to Google, one area that app developers need […]

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