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Your company has decided that you need an app – everyone does, after all. So they’ve put you in charge of picking the right Dallas app developers for the project.

You spend enough time on your cell phone to know that a great app can give you a direct line to the consumers you want to reach. And that, figuratively speaking, apps are worth their weight in ROI. The thing is, there are almost as many app developers out there as there are apps. Not all of those apps are good, so chances are not all of those app developers are, either.

Instead of trawling through business directories or handing over your business to a firm just because they’ve worked on a big-name project, think about what you actually need from your app developer.

Here’s our unconventional guide to picking Dallas app developers who will make your app shine in the App Store.


Choose someone who really gets you

We’re not just talking about rapport here. A great app developer will want to get to know you and your project before touching a line of code. That’s because understanding your business goals and your vision for the project is essential for being able to scope out development solutions.

This approach, known as “discovery”, isn’t just for the app development firm. It’s for you as well. It helps you figure out exactly what you want – and don’t want – out of the project. And it helps you figure out who you’re trying to reach, and how the project will fit into your firm’s existing tech plan. DFW app developers who take the time to do this are looking out for you. You’ll appreciate it later on.

So in sum, choose someone who wants to take things slowly at first.

Choose someone with a roadmap

Great Dallas app developers should have a roadmap

Great Dallas app developers should have a roadmap.

By roadmap we don’t mean Google Maps, as life saving as they can be. A roadmap is a tool for planning ahead, and it’s essential in the tech world. Even if your app project is your first, it won’t exist in a vacuum.

You probably have existing systems that you work with that your app might need to tie in – analytics or company databases, for example. Or you might need to add things or make changes to your app as your userbase evolves or your budget allows. Perhaps your company plans to shift to different technology platforms on the next few years. Or maybe you just need someone on your side to help you keep up with the latest from Apple and Android.

Technology is an ever-shifting ocean of change. Even the most perfectly designed app will eventually need some TLC. So Dallas app developers who see your app as part of a larger ecosystem – a chapter in a story – are the ones you want.

So choose someone who can help you plan your company’s technology future.


Choose someone who can budget

App development takes time, expertise and input from a variety of different team members. These include programmers, designers and UX experts. All of those things cost money. And if your project isn’t carefully scoped and budgeted, they can cost a lot of money, and a lot of time.

No one likes sticker shock. So you want to work with Dallas app developers who can give you a clear scope of work and a breakdown of where your budget is going. This doesn’t mean to go with the cheapest quote. Cheap quotes are often hourly rather than fixed rate, and can easily expand into something not so cheap.

Good budgeting stems from good project understanding. If your app developer has taken the time to figure out your business goals and properly scope out your app, they’ll know exactly what needs to go into building it. That means everything from individual features through to the final testing after deployment.

They’ll then be able to fix the rate based on the estimated hours each feature will take, reducing risk for everyone involved.

So choose someone who can scope out your project so they can accurately quote on it.

Choose someone who can give you bad news

Choose DFW developers who aren’t afraid to communicate.

Good Dallas app developers are more than code shops. They’re there to help you solve real business problems and create products that gain traction with users.

That’s why a good app developer will help you manage your expectations – and tell you things you don’t necessarily want to hear. They’ll let you know if you’re entering a saturated market and what that means for the success of your app. They’ll tell you if certain features will provide a less-than-great experience for your users. Sometimes they may even tell you to rethink your app altogether.

This sort of advice isn’t always pleasant to hear. But it indicates that a firm considers you as a partner, not just a customer. And you’ll appreciate the honesty and the time, effort and money you’ll save as a result.

Choose someone who provides solutions, not just code.

Summing up on Dallas app developers

When you’re looking for the perfect Dallas app developers for your app, think beyond the basics of programming languages and portfolios. What you want is a firm who can understand the business outcomes you’re trying to achieve – and design a solution that meets them.

Those solutions are more than just great-looking apps, although they’ll be a part of the answer. They’ll also include thoughtful scoping, careful budgeting, a future-oriented mindset and the strength to share news you might not want to hear.

Basically, you’re looking for a partner, not a provider. Because the impact of your app will be with your company for a long time to come.

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