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Making it up as you go along might work for writers and artists, but it’s not a good idea for engineers and businesses. That’s why the mobile app discovery process is so important.

Mobile app development doesn’t begin with coding. It begins with figuring out your end result. By that we mean figuring out what you’re trying to build, why, and how it’ll fit into your business goals. Purpose is what sets design apart from art – and with an app discovery process we can make sure your app has a purpose.

App discovery is the blueprint for good development

App discovery helps us figure out what you’re trying to build.

Getting to know you isn’t just us being friendly, although that’s part of it. Working with an app developer is a bit like working with an architect: saying that you want a house isn’t enough. Your architect will need to know things like the kind of house you want, how you plan to live in it, how much house you’re budgeted for – and whether there’s already a house on the block of land you’ve bought.

So to build the app that you truly need, we need to learn about you, your vision for the app and what the app needs to achieve. We’ll also find out how the app fits into your larger digital program, and whether there are any existing technologies we need to build on or work around. On top of that we’ll explore the future plans you have for your app and for your company’s technology roadmap more generally. Knowing the road ahead means that we can build an app that ties into your current and future needs.

App discovery ensures we’re building what people need

app discovery market

App discovery helps us – and you – get to know your market.

A big part of app discovery is about learning the market. After all, mobile apps don’t exist as shiny things to be looked upon from afar. They’re designed for a specific audience with specific needs – and they exist within a larger context of apps.

In that sense, bringing an app to market is like bringing any other product to market. We need to ensure that we’re building what consumers want, and that it stands apart from its competitors. We’ll undertake a competitive analysis to determine the app’s viability – and make recommendations or suggestions about how to proceed based on what else is out there and what that means for your investment.

Then we’ll start capturing user personas, user stories and the functional requirements of your app, ensuring that your app is tailored to your targeted audience and does what they – and you – need it to do.

App discovery helps you make good decisions

When we know what we’re building and who we’re building it for, we can start fleshing out solutions. Just like the house we were talking about earlier, there can be multiple solutions to different problems – with different options varying in terms of cost, time taken and what needs to be done right now versus later on.

Maybe marble countertops are on your house wish-list, but a great range is #1. Rather than encouraging you to take out a bigger mortgage or giving up on your kitchen altogether, your architect might suggest laminate or engineered stone as a solution until time and budget allow.

These are the same sorts of decisions that you’ll face when building your app. With app discovery we’ll be able to help guide your decisions based on market research, business goals and the overall app experience – balancing what you need, what you want and what you have the time and budget for.

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