Native vs hybrid apps: it's all a matter of user experience

Native vs hybrid apps: it’s a matter of user experience

A great mobile app is all about great user experience. The majority of users won’t give a poor app a second try. And almost none will give it the benefit of the doubt twice. When it comes to the question of native vs hybrid apps, the answer almost always comes down to user experience. Sure, […]

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Capturing feedback for your mobile app

Gathering and implementing feedback is essential to the ongoing success of your mobile app. We’ve spoken before about conducting user research and testing. But what about once your mobile app is out there in the wild? There are a number of ways you can capture user feedback that you can use to guide future releases […]

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Designing voice user interfaces for your mobile app

The growth of virtual assistants and smart speakers has ushered in a new era of voice-controlled devices. Just as graphical interfaces require a certain UX/UI design language, so does voice input. Voice user interfaces (VUI) requires an understanding of natural language as well as context. Mobile app users expect to be able to provide an […]

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Touchtap 2.0: introducing our app development studio’s new look!

Touchtap continues to grow and evolve, and our branding is keeping pace. Today we’re proud to unveil our updated logo and wordmark.   We’ve retained our iconic Touchtap blue and our friendly sans serif type, but we’re looking to the future with an updated logo that reflects the multiplicity of ways we engage with apps […]

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Design hacks to make your mobile app more user friendly

An accessible mobile app benefits all users. Because consciously designing for people with visual, hearing or mobility conditions means designing for usability. And when you take the time to truly think through the simplest, most efficient way to solve a problem, your app will be all the better for it. Here are some accessibility-themed design […]

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How DFW mobile app developers can build for retention

How mobile app developers can build for retention

Mobile app developers are all too aware that if you build it, they may come…but they might not stick around. While acquisition stats might keep marketers happy, the real story is in the retention stats. On average, 24% of users use an app once before abandoning it. That means basically a quarter of all app […]

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How mobile app security can build trust

For mobile app developers, building trust means building security

Mobile app developers have been watching the Cambridge Analytica fiasco unfold with raised eyebrows. Again and again we’ve heard that privacy and security are key features for mobile app users. If we want to build trust, we need to build up our security. A study from Gemalto shows that 80% of paid app users consider […]

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Mobile apps need to be proactive about privacy.

Mobile apps and the privacy perfect storm

Historically users have deleted mobile apps for things like battery drain, bugs or lacking UX. But increasingly privacy is on app users’ minds. And with good reason. The news has been full of stories about compromised data, digital surveillance and eerie tech company overreach. Why mobile apps are giving us the privacy heebies Take social […]

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Progressive web apps span all platforms and devices.

Will progressive web apps level the playing field for Apple, Google and Microsoft?

Progressive web apps (PWAs) aren’t new, but they’re gathering new traction. In the past year Google, Microsoft and Apple have all been looking to PWAs as a way to create fast, seamless and ready-to-go experiences across all platforms and devices. So what exactly are progressive web apps? Progressive web apps are web pages or websites […]

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A plus for mobile app developers: a revamped App Store web experience.

Mobile app developers rejoice: Apple (finally) revamps the App Store web interface

Mobile app developers breathed a sigh of relief in September of 2017. Why? That’s when Apple launched its overhaul of the App Store. The iOS 11-flavored revamp was designed to cut through the clutter while delivering a clean, colorful experience. Think Apple Music and Apple News, not just an unwieldy list of app icons. Material […]

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