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Mobile app developers know the importance of customer loyalty. Without it, apps fail to gain traction. Retailers are increasingly realizing the same thing, and the surge of loyalty apps is the result. Let’s take a look at who’s doing great things with loyalty in the mobile app space.

Think lifestyle, not just reward points

The Starbucks app impresses mobile app developers.

The Starbucks app impresses mobile app developers.

Racking up points is a reward in its own right, but the best loyalty apps offer more than a tally of your purchases. The Starbucks, Hilton and Walgreens apps, for example, are all lifestyle apps. The Starbucks app lets you place and pay for an order, and even listen to music. Meanwhile, the Walgreens app lets you refill prescriptions and monitor and pay for orders. The Hilton app makes booking and checking in a breeze. It even functions as a room key. The convenience and consumer-oriented approach of these apps helps drive loyalty among customers.

Member-only perks are the way to go

Tiered, member-only perks can drive engagement and gamify brand loyalty. The MAC Cosmetics app, for example, offers member-only content, personalized product selections and app-only exclusive collections. Its tiered structure encourages purchases, as each membership tier offers additional perks. Similarly, the Dunkin Donuts app gives members order-ahead capability, a perk unavailable to non-members.

Getting loyalty right changes where people shop

The Dunkin Donuts app lets members order on demand.

Mobile app developers agree that done right, apps can shape how users shop – and their daily routine. For example, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr’s loyalty program has a FourSquare-like interface that rewards users for “checking in” at their local store. Similarly, fuel retailer Shell’s loyalty program, with geo-targeted promotions and price comparisons, is helping drive customers to specific gas stations.

Loyal customers will stick with you

And let’s not forget Amazon Prime. Prime members pay an annual free for discounted products, free shipping and a wealth of free media. And they love it. On this year’s Prime Day, retail stores showed a 7% drop in foot traffic on the day among non-Amazon app users, but an incredible 32% drop among Amazon app users. Those numbers are a pretty clear indicator that a great loyalty program can have a large impact on how and where people shop.

Takeaways for mobile app developers

Mobile app developers know that loyalty program apps can have a powerful impact in driving customer loyalty. Perks like being able to track a pizza or save on your grocery store shop offer customers rewards for doing things they’d be doing anyway. Apps that offer convenience, lifestyle benefits or perks that tie into the customer’s needs and interests can help build loyalty that helps both consumer and brand.

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