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Mobile app development companies in Dallas know that app users are the secret experts in the art of mobile UX. All those years of browsing, clicking, swiping and shopping have given them “app intuition”. They know when something isn’t quite right with an app.

These problems are known as “friction”. Friction chips away at the user experience. It undermines customer satisfaction with what you’re delivering. By polishing up those friction points, mobile app development companies in Dallas can help the smallest app shine. Here’s how.

They know it’s not what you do but how you do it


It’s not about being unique. It’s about being uniquely great.

A great app isn’t about being unique. It’s about being uniquely great. There’s a reason that Pinterest is ahead of WeHeartIt and that Venmo is crushing Cash. And that reason is friction. The successes have figured out the pain points of their audiences. And they deliver simple, intuitive app experiences that give their customers what they need minimum effort on the user’s behalf. Take Spotify’s new touch preview feature, which makes discovering new music easier. Or Amazon’s easy-to-find dash button option, which offers one-click purchasing of frequently bought products.

The mobile app development companies in Dallas have insight into the landscape surrounding your product. They’ll know what your competitors are getting wrong and right. And they know what your app needs to deliver on its promises.

They know that not all friction is created alike

How mobile app development companies in Dallas reduce friction on the information highway

It’s not always possible to avoid friction on the information highway.

A seamless user experience is the pinnacle of app development. But it comes at a cost. Complex apps with complicated user journeys have more opportunities for friction. The aim is to keep things as polished as possible. But some points of friction are more detrimental to the overall user experience than others. And solving them takes resources that aren’t always there. Any simple solution to a complex problem usually requires compromise. Driving in a straight line on a freeway is quick and convenient. But geography, connecting roads and existing infrastructure mean dealing with on-ramps, tunnels and variable lanes.

Savvy mobile app development companies in Dallas have can identify degrees of friction, as well as their overall impact on the user, and how they tie into a company’s overall business goals. The use sophisticated interaction research methodologies to identify the friction that matters the most. This means they can provide user-first design solutions to give your app a competitive advantage.


Mobile app development companies in Dallas are preparing for the friction of the future

Mobile app development companies in Dallas can reduce future app friction

The future will bring new types of friction to mobile apps.

The friction we experience today won’t be the friction of tomorrow. Technology changes, and so do user expectations and habits around particular actions. The result will be a change in user experience and a change in where and how friction arises. Take the increasing popularity of haptic technology and 3D interfaces. As these become more prevalent, user needs and behaviors will shift accordingly. Mobile apps and related technologies will need to follow. We may solve friction problems such as deep-linking or the ability to search for information across different apps. But these will bring their own domino effect of friction that will need to be addressed.

The great mobile app development companies in Dallas stay ahead of behavioral data. They identify future points of friction to minimize the eventual impact on the user.

Because helping forward-looking companies get an edge is about reducing the friction in your life.

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