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App developers in Dallas stay ahead of the curve when it comes to UX design trends. With 2017 underway, let’s take a look at some of the emergent trends in UX design for the year.

1. Design that saves you time

We all want app design that saves time.

We all want app design that saves time.

We’re all short on time. That’s why the UX of 2017 will aim to give us back some of those precious free moments. We’re seeing more simple, linear options that walk a user through a transaction. These reduce decision-making time and narrow down the available options to what’s needed to get something done.

2. Apps that choose for you

Related to but distinct from point #1 is the notion of automated choice. Our apps gather information about us, our lives and our preferences. More and more they can use this data to simplify choices and transactions so that they can make decisions on your behalf.

3. Simplified onboarding

Onboarding should be quick and simple. Needing to painstakingly walk a user through how to use an app suggests an issue with the design of the app itself. Users are becoming increasingly fluent in app usage, so the days of multi-screen onboarding processes are behind us. Contextual instruction and progressive disclosure approaches can help do away with the detailed walkthroughs we all speed through anyway.

4. A shift in user interfaces

We'll start seeing increased app integration.

We’ll start seeing increased app integration.

Augmented user interfaces and improvements in voice recognition suggest a shift in how we interact with our apps. Rather than designs geared towards clicking, swiping and text input, we may see interfaces crafted with voice and AR functionality in mind. Eventually, we may see the end of the traditional UI altogether.

5. A little more integration

App developers are finding that users are downloading fewer and fewer apps. We all have our basic “go-to” apps that give us what we need, which makes building a new app all that more difficult. To get around this, we’ll probably start seeing apps that integrate into the apps we use every day rather than existing separately.

6. Alternative aesthetics

It’s common for app developers to be asked for a design inspired by Apple’s aesthetics. For years now, color schemes, fonts and even messaging language have drawn heavily on the tech giant’s approach. But with the rise of Android – including Google’s Pixel phone – as well as the growth of indie app dev shops, we just may well see the re-emergence of individual aesthetics.

7. The rise of VR

We’ve been hearing about VR for decades now. But 2017 may mark the year that VR finally becomes mainstream. With new tech hitting the market and increased fluidity between devices, we just may see VR apps or games becoming commonplace.

2017 is going to be an exciting year for app developers in Dallas or anywhere else. There’s plenty on the horizon that will affect how we design for UI and UX, and we’re ready to meet the challenge by crafting apps that meet and surpass user expectations.

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