You have a vision… it may be written on an napkin, in a business plan or just in your head. A crucial step in bringing your idea to life is a proper discovery. In this step, we will discuss, dream, whiteboard and breakdown what is needed to successfully deliver your app experience.


During this step, we layout how your app experience will look and feel, from aesthetics, user experience and functional interworking. We work with the most amazing designers and architects – true masters of their creativity and craft. Feedback and customer interaction are what makes this step successful.


Using the strongest tools, frameworks and expertise, we develop your app pixel perfect, based on the specifications from the design phase. Our team of experts are up to date with the latest tech tools, design paradigms and third party vendors to ensure your app experience is built robust, scalable and functionally sound. Once development is complete, we will utilize real users, internal and external, to ensure app success.


Once development & testing are complete, our team pushes your apps to the respective app stores, ensuring smooth deployment and availability. Beyond project completion, our team offers maintenance and OS upgrade packages, to keep your user experience optimal and keep your app up to date with the latest changes from Apple and Google.